The project

The main objective of the project “Explore and act for human rights” is to achieve implementation and enforcement of the human rights in the education sector through a better understanding of the principles of the European system of protection of human rights and the functioning of its mechanisms.

This project initially intended to enable European secondary school students to become familiar with the key principles of European law relating to human rights and to understand how the European Court of Human Rights and other important CoE monitoring bodies.

The main outcome of this project is the handbook “Freedom(s), Learning activities for secondary schools on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights”, presenting 12 learning activities based on judgments from the ECHR. These activities are structured in a way that allows learners to get to know the facts of the case, analyse the article(s) of the Convention on Human Rights concerned and discuss the judgment and its implications. They also encourage the learners to go beyond the actual case and link it to everyday life and/or situations they are familiar with. The learning activities include elements that aim to familiarise learners with the procedural aspects of the Court, so that they learn how to use the human rights protection mechanisms at European level.

Link to the handbook “Freedom(s)”