We are offering a selection of videos made by the Council of Europe addressing various issues relating to human rights.

  • “Campbell and Cosans” video

A documentary has been produced in the framework of the project, which presents the case of “Campbell and Cosans v. the United Kingdom”. This case is important as it was the first to consider the issue of whether it is acceptable to physically punish children in schools. It subsequently led to the abolition of corporal punishment in all state-supported education in the United Kingdom. It is recommended that the viewing of the video-clip be made in conjunction with the reading of the case, available in the handbook  Freedom(s)  on page 49.

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Democracy and Human Rights Start with Us

Democracy and HumanRights representationFive filmed animations reflect children’s perception of democracy and human rights in school and aim to translate in a humorous way some of the key principles of the Council of Europe Charter.

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Beat Bullying

Bullying in schools is a worldwide problem that can have negative consequences for the general school climate and for the right of students to learn in a safe environment without fear. Bullying is the consequence of aggressive behaviour that has to be stopped and prevented. This video looks at the problem of bullying at school, its causes and consequences, and suggests ways of addressing it.

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HUDOC database:

Hudoc database

video showing the main search functions

Vidéo «The programme Itineris on TV5 Monde»

The report will examine how the Court works

Film « The Conscience of Europe »

La conscience de l'Europe


Video Spot « The Convention belongs to you! »

Video « The Convention and René Cassin »

Video « Handscape »


Clip « Free to be you »

HR Court: video on the admissibility conditions

Clip on cybercrime

Building a Europe for and with children

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