Online bookshop

Council of Europe Publishing is the Organisation’s official publishing arm and offers a wide choice of books and electronic products in all the subject areas linked to the cooperation developed between the 47 member states.

A leading publisher of reference works in the field of human rights and international law (constitutional law, criminal law, family law, labour law etc), Council of Europe Publishing also produces works in other spheres of human and social sciences, including: health, social affairs, bioethics, education, culture, youth, sport, architectural heritage and environment.

Its publications include topical debates, comparative studies, monographs, proceedings of colloquies, international legal instruments, official texts etc. Council of Europe Publishing also tackles current issues, in collections aimed at the general public: Ethical eye, Human rights files.

Every book or electronic publication may be ordered direct, on-line, via this site.  A virtual reading room makes it possible to consult excerpts from the main works just published or the full texts of certain official documents such as conventions, at no cost. A mailing list service enables subscribers to receive regular e-mails free of charge informing them of news, forthcoming publications or book launches.

Visit the online bookshop to access all publications related to education and the teachers’ corner for all teachings resources.